Help Documnet For New Learners Licence/Driving Licence

The following steps are to be followed for submitting the New Learner's Licence/Driving Licence

»Initially Click on the link "Issue of New Learner's Licence" link for LL..
»Then a new PDF from opens where the entire details are to be entered.
»Initially Click on the link "Issue of New Driving Licence" link for DL..
»Then a new PDF from opens where the entire details are to be entered.
»If the application is for Learner's Licence so select LL radio button,If the Application for Driving Licence Select DL radio button. .
»Select the State and RTO and proceed by filling the shown below.
»After Entering the Date of Birth you will be provided a popup, you can select eighter YES/NO.Select YES.
»If present and permenant address's are same of the applicant then select the Check Box, as shown below.


»Selection Of The Requested Transaction Service (with class of vehicle)) for LL
»Click on the check box to which CoV's(Class of Vehicles) you require the LL


»(List of Enclosures (for Age Proof, Address Proof etc.,)) for LL
»Enter the relevent documents that supports your age, address,education etc.
»In Case of Driving Licence Enter the Details Of Relevent LL also.


»Just Go through the information and accordingly select the radio buttons


»This section is applicable for the minors i.e age between 16 to 18 years only
»They must submit the application at the RTO by filling this section and they also need to take the signature of the parent/gaurdian as shown below


»It is entirely for office purpose you may not consider it.

»You do need to submit the documnet by cross checking the above information.
»Firstly press on Submit Button.
»Your Application will be submited and save the Web Application Number generated for future reference.

Follow rules only if E-payment is applicable, Else Ignore it.

»Then after you will be provided with a web application number for futer reference.
»The applicant can pay the fee directly from here just by clicking on the "E-payment" button

»Once the applicant clicks on "E-payment" button the website redirects you to new browser and follow the steps as shown below.
»Initially the loading of the payment process goes on as shown below.
»Then you need to press on "click here to continue e-payment"
»The details will be popup automatically and you can select eighter pay now or "pay later" buttons,If you select "pay later" you can pay the fee later
»Else if you can "Pay Now" by select the bank and entering the generated code and pay the fee. by clicking on "pay now"

»when you click on "proceed for payment" then it redirects to bank site and you can pay the fee.
»If you opt for "pay later" then you can pay the fee later by selecting the link "Online Payment" which available on the home screen.
»The Process repeats the same but we need to enter the "Application Number and Date of Birth" then press "click here to calculate fee"
»From then the Process repeats the same as above payment methodology BY clicking on "Pay Now".