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Instructions for filling the online LL/DL Applications.

  1. Download the Application form (pdf file) to your local computer.
  2. Fill the downloaded pdf form [ In case of difficulty in filling click here for help ]
  3. Columns marked as (*) are mandatory.
  4. Select the State and RTO/DTO Under the jurisdiction where the applicant resides.
  5. Part-A(Applicant Details Section) The Applicants Name must be in the order as First,Middle,Last name respectively.Ensure the same name is present in the proofs while producing near the RTO.
  6. Part-B(Class Of Vehicle's Section) Applicant must Select atleast one Class Of Vehicle by checking on the Check Box's present.
  7. Part-C(Enclosure's Section)Please fill the details of Enclosure's which you are Producing as proof documents.If you are holding a DL or LL,please mention those details by Selecting appropriate Document Type.
  8. Part-D:Go through this part and fill the details if Applicable only.
  9. Part-E If the Applicant is Minor then this form can be filled by her/his parents and the licensing authority shall mention in the endorsement.
  10. Part-F Entirely for office purpose only.
  11. You can Go through the entire Help Document for New LL/DL. (Download)

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Disclaimer: The details shown are for informational purposes only. They are based on the information received from the Department. NIC does not hold any responsibility for the contents

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